Port Forwarding (Redirection) under Windows Server for Plex

I recently installed Plex server to test it out as an alternative to XBMC after a number of friends have suggested it and I liked the ability to stream video straight to my Chromecast. Whilst testing the server component I came across an annoying issue with the fact that the web interface listens on an unobvious high port (32400 I think it is). And worse – it doesn’t seem to be configurable (along with the IP address it is bound to). What I wanted to achieve was to get the web interface listening on port 80 with DNS set up to simplify access for myself. So, the goal was to go from this: to this: http://plex.domain.local/web/. Sadly, theres not much I could do about the web/ subdirectory (please comment if you figure something out!).

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