SSH into UWE Externally

If you’re not living on campus at UWE and you are based in BIT, it’s often useful to be able to access your files on the UWE systems without having to go into the University.

Using a tool such as Putty or a terminal (in Linux), you can connect to the Universities Remote Access Server (RAS). Once connected, you can edit files, move images around, copy videos, change file permissions and pretty much anything else you could do when sat in front of a machine. With the following command, you will be able to log into RAS:

ssh <yourusername>

Once a connection has been made, you will be asked for your password. This is your CEMS/BIT password. Once you’ve logged in, you can now ssh into another server, for example:

Kenny: ssh <yourusername>
Milly: ssh <

There you go, you can now copy files off, move files around and use the UWE servers remotely!

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